Software development

We have over 15 years of experience and know-how to respond to requests for custom software development. Our main business is the design and development of unique workflow management and corporate governence systems, as well as the integration of existing applications.

Mobile app development

We have over 15 years of experience and know-how in mobile app design and development. We develop applications on iOS and Android platform upon request. Development areas: smartphones, tablets, smartwatches. We provide interoperability between platforms and devices.

Website development

Our custom web development team delivers attractive, effective and responsive, tailored to customer requirements Websites that greatly contribute to the organization stand out from its competitors. Basic requirements are quality, reliability, transparency and the user-friendly design.

Designing and developing websites from the simple, static to complex, dynamic one, our company implements a setout of comprehensive product or service range with integrated contact and request for quotation form as well as newsletter subscription service for our customers. It is carried out multiple languages to meet the requirements of international companies and institutions.

Web portal designing with continuously updated news, a lot of categories, comment options, social media integration. Public website design and development for self-governments, institutions, offices. Webshop design and development with sophisticated e-commerce solutions. Landing Page design and development which increases PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns efficiency (eg Google Adwords). Specifically shows the product or service you sell and withstand the increased interaction of visitors, thereby increasing the conversion to be the visitors into customers.

SEO measurement, consulting, optimization

For existing web sites companies facing a number of difficulties in the 'competition'. With the analysis of competitors, and optimisation of the content of the website's source code we make the content of the webpage much more metabolizable, understandable to the search engines. If the content needs to be changed, we propose specific changes, which we can achieve progress more rapidly and efficiently to hit the charts. The search engine optimization (SEO) is a assumption for successful online marketing. Our SEO professionals with 10 years of experience optimize webshops, online marketing space of products and services.

Analytics systems, web stats

We maintenance, develop and operate a set of well-known and unique statistical analytic programmes. We perform individual statistics compiled on request within the Google Analytics system to ensure transparency and effectiveness. The alternative analysts like Piwik system are also succesfully used. Of course, we provide an opportunity for making unique analysis software as well.