IT Audit

During a general or a focused IT audit we deliver a detailed picture to the client about their current state of IT enviroment and potential operational risks. Following the risk assessment we offer recommendations to estabilish sufficent IT environment.

IT Security Consulting

IT security is considered as one of the most challenging area for today's experts. Every company needs effective prevention, complex protection today. How do we define our security levels, as well as the necessary processes? We will help you.

Antivirus Solutions

Our company offers the Panda Security and Kaspersky Lab and ESET products to customers. We offer diverse IT systems’ reliable and secure protection and product support with many years of experience to our customers. To select the appropriate security technology we provide consulting, technical support and high availability.
Areas of application:

Firewall Systems

The protection of the company data is strategic importance, of which the basic element is a firewall system that prevents intrusion attempts access to the internal network from the Internet by malwares (eg. Trojan, exploits and spyware). The firewall also provides other functions such as dynamic routing, Internet traffic control, content filtering, VPN, SSL decryption, filtering web sites (URL filtering), virus protection, detection bypass applications, bandwidth limitations. Our company has numerous references of configuration of firewall systems, such as Palo Alto Next Generation, Zyxel, Cisco, MikroTik product families.

Penetration testing (ethical hacking) and vulnerability assessments

The vulnerability assessment (ethical hacking) is a targeted and licensed (legal) attack ordered by the company executives, which exploring the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the network (networks) and points to the specific system vulnerabilities. Penetration testing performed at the highest level of confidentiality and prepare a detailed report, which includes proposed measures to improve the security holes.

Data back-up

Within operation the data backup is a basic services for our clients. We undertake SMART data backup, data recovery methodologies to develop upon ad hoc requests. We can perform backups onsite or remotely and could provide technical conditions upon request.

Data Recovery

In case of non physical demage, we provide data recovery services to our clients.

GDPR compliance

We prepare documentations with tight deadlines that comply with General Data Protection Regulation. Our service includes the necessary training and consultation, as well as delegating a Data Protection Officer (DPO) upon request.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) delegation

According to GDPR, in case of processing sensitive data (e.g. healthcare data) appointing a DPO is obligatory. In other cases a DPO may be beneficial in order to ensure GDPR compliance. We delegate well trained DPOs who meet all the necessary requirements.